MASK: Mineral Mud Mask 120ml

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BM Cosmetics For Men Lover @Billyvincent from Australia



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Are you tired of having rough, dry skin? We have the solution! Our Mineral Mud Mask is formulated using purified artic mineral mud. This unique toning mask detoxifies skin, removes impurities and shirks pores. You will notice results after only one application, as your skin will feel firm and rejuvenated. The results truly speak for themselves. Suitable for all skin types.



  •         - Pure arctic Mineral Mud
  •         - Grape Seed Oil
  •         - Avocado Oil
  •         - Jojoba Seed Oil
  •         - Shea Butter
  •        -  Vitamin E
  •         - Allantoin


Application Directions

Apply with a brush or fingers and wait 20 minutes until completely dry. Rub product off of face with fingertips until all product is removed. Rinse well with water and moisturise. Avoid contact with eyes.