Body Define Bronzer Gel


Do you love that sun kissed glow look that you get from laying out in the sun all day on some exotic beach? want more defined muscles but don't have time for the gym? BM Cosmetics has the answer for you! Our Body Define Bronzing Gel is designed to mimic the look of a few minutes in the sun on your skin and highlight your skin's complexion and define targeted areas. its made with a water based, oil-free formula that blends in easy without masking your skin's natural features and feels extremely lightweight on your skin while giving you a slight sunkissed shimmer finish that will define any muscle you have! Is non-transferable to clothes, the Bronzer Gel is 3x concentrated so you can enhance the colour to your preferred shade.

Application Directions

Using 1 pump of Bronzing Gel to 1 pump of BM Cosmetics moisturizer, rub together in hands before massaging directly onto desired area. Amount of Bronzing Gel to moisturiser ratio can be tweaked depending on skin tone and desired colour.