• Men's Collagen Boosting Concealer Pot


    Disguise your unwanted blemishes and spots with the BM Cosmetics Concealer Pot. The Anti-Aging cream PLUS Collagen boosting formula that helps reduce redness, dark circles and has an immaculate matte finish that blends in with any skin tone, creating a natural finish and easy application for  the guy on the go. For longer lasting wear, use our concealer pots with the BM Cosmetics Mineral Foundation Powder.

    Non-transferable to clothes.

    Application Directions

    Apply to desired area with fingertips or cotton bud to cover and blend in with target areas. For extra coverage, let it set into the skin and apply BM Cosmetics mineral pressed foundation to compliment.

    Available in six different shades:

    ·          - Fair

    ·        -   Light

    ·          - Medium Light

    ·         -  Medium      

    ·        -   Medium Dark       

    ·       -    Dark