Featured on MTV's Geordie Shore & the cosmetics brand used on the male cast of Australian tv soap Home & Away!

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 “I actually love these products! 

@bmcosmeticsformen HD Concealer in shade Medium is perfect for my skin tone when I’m tanned and when I’m not, i just add a little bit of Mooi Face & Body Matte Bronzer. It goes on your skin even, it’s lightweight and doesn’t look cakey in anyway which is always my main concern!”  

@euandoidge from Australia

I recently purchased the @bmcosmeticsformen 24K Gold Eye Masks, I'v used them a few times now and they works great for those dark circles under the eyes and that tired eye look I get from working too much! I tried a few other products to help these prodblems in the past and so far this is the best one! Tthank you @bmcosmeticsformen

@mapapla from USA

"Tried some of this cheeky products from @bmcosmeticsformen 

honestly can say it’s keeping me on top of my game and looking fresh 👌 take my hat off to you guys!” 

@thorpie14 from England

"I’m addicted to the Matte Bronzer range by @bmcosmeticsformen ! They apply so evenly, I have combination skin and the Matte Bronzers leaves my skin with a flawless matte glow. The mirror on the inside makes it ideal to apply anywhere, which is great because I’m always dashing about. CLASS A PRODUCTS!"

@_ashleyreece from England

"I am #loving this product!! I stumbled across @bmcosmeticsformen 2- in 1 Liquid Concealer and it is perfect for me. Early start to #work or heading out to town, this product keeps me looking fresh with a natural tone and complexion. The thing I like the most is that it is super light on your skin and feels like I'm not wearing anything!”

@crackerjack0_0 from Australia

Have you heard about our famous hd concealer?

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @danfialho from Australia uses shade Medium Light

@danfialho -

"@bmcosmeticsformen I absolutely LOVE your HD Concealer!!
I use this mainly under my eye dark circles area and to conceal redness around my nose. It’s hydrating and a full-coverage concealer that blends perfectly with my skin evenly and effortlessly, it lasts the entire day and very light weight. I’m obsessed!"

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @michael.stav7 from Australia uses shade Medium

@michael.stav7 -

"I'v been searching a whille for a great concealer that lasts all day and I finely found it! ! rush from meeting to meeting and the HD Concealer helps me to look and feel my best all day long. Cheers for creating such great product guys!" 

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @grant_ryan_official from USA uses shade Medium Light

 @grant_ryan_official -

“Been loving this concealer by @bmcosmeticsformen to hide my dark circles and blemishes. Highly recommend, it changed my life!"

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @urihariel from USA uses shade Medium

@urihariel -

"This HD Concealer had saved me on so many mornings before work or a photo shoot when I wasn't feeling and looking my best. its simple to use, lasts the whole day and is incredibly natural!"

BM Cosmetics For Men Lover @alejandrocorzo from Spain uses shade Medium Light

@alejandrocorzo -

"I'm always ready for any day with
@bmcosmeticsformen products. This HD Concealer has to be my favorite product, I use it every day and no one has ever clocked that I am even wearing make up!"

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @oscarhyr from USA uses shade Medium Dark

@oscarhyr -

“Beginning the day with my best face... Thanks to @bmcosmeticsformen! I am in love with the HD concealer in shade medium dark to match my skin color. Before I found @bmcosmeticsformen I had never used makeup before and now cant imagine going back!"

With @bmcosmeticsformen, we’ve got you covered!
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@bmcosmeticsformen lover @nycdominicano from USA uses shade Medium.

Always be ready to #putyourbestfaceforward in any situation like @bmcosmeticsformen HD Concealer lover from Australia @zaneclarke 

@zaneclarke uses shade Medium Light 


Say goodbye to dark circles with our 24K Gold Eye Masks!

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @stevotrann from Canada uses shade Fair Light

@stevotrann -

“These 24K Gold Eye Masks from @bmcosmeticsformen for removing  my panda dark circles are Perfect! I saw the difference after the third time using them. Goodbye puffiness, dryness and dark circles forever!"

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @davidetassistro from Italy uses shade Medium Light

@davidetassistro -

“OMG @bmcosmeticsformen the 24K Gold Eye Masks are an incredible product! That’s exactly what I needed. I feel so much more confident and now I can always look my best!”

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @peke78_ from Spain uses shade Medium

@peke78_ -

"@bmcosmeticsformen. THANKS AGAIN FOR CREATING THESE 24K GOLD EYE MASKS! I really love the sensation and the results have literally CHANGED MY LIFE!"

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @jamiecarl6 from Australia uses shade Medium Light

@jamiecarl6 -

"As a busy guy I don't always have time to go get a facial. But I love that I can just pop these 24K Gold Eye Masks on by
and I can still do all the things I need while they work their magic at erasing my eye bags!"

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @johnnydonovan from USA uses shade Medium Light

@johnnydonovannn -

“You guys have to try these! They are the best Men’s Eye Masks I have ever tried and they ship worldwide!”

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @tadaent from Australia uses shade Light


“Perfect way to relax post-exams and enjoying the University holidays with these @bmcosmeticsformen 24k gold eye masks are great! take away my under-eye bags, that tired look and leaving softer, refreshed and hydrated skin underneath! love these beauties.”

Who knew men’s cosmetics could look so masculine and discrete?

We did! 

@bmcosmeticsformen lover from Australia @doctor_oscar_mafred uses shade Medium

@bmcosmeticsformen 24K Gold Eye Masks lover @ryanroseofficial from USA


BM Cosmetics For Men lover @nachorubca from Spain uses shade Medium Light

@nachorubca -

@bmcosmeticsformen MOOI FACE & BODY MINERAL MATTE BRONZER AND BRUSH gives me a perfect tan look for a photoshoot and party’s! This is all I need. love it!"

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @chefselect from Germany uses shade Medium

@chefselect -

@bmcosmeticsformen have created the best makeup items for your face that are not only undetectable on the skin, but are also easy to use. I've been a lover of their products for over 6 years. The Mooi Face & Body Matte Bronzer is 1 of my favs!”

BM Cosmetics For Men Lover @calvinbarkerr from Australia uses shade Medium

@calvinbarkerr -

@bmcosmeticsformen has a great little product. For a bit of that post holiday tan look. The Mooi Face and body matte bronzer does the trick especially if your face is a little lighter than your body. Super light weight product, but perfectly enhances and provides a deeper tan. Truly an incredible product!”

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BM Cosmetics For Men lover @leoalfonsom from USA uses shade Medium  

“In the crazy pursuit of flawlessness, I'm going to share my beauty secret with you it's @bmcosmeticsformen they have everything you need! my latest obsession is there Natural Look Mascara in shade Brown”

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @hollywoodtramp from Germany uses shade Medium Light

"LOVE my Natrual Look Mascara in shade clear! it gives my eyes a brighter and fresher look plus add volume and curl. Quilty product, like everything i have tried in the @bmcosmeticsformen range!" 

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @jeanlev88 from Italy uses shade Medium Light

“Thank you @bmcosmeticsformen for creating this mascara in shade Brown! This product is great. Highlights the colour of my eyes in the best way without looking fake or unnatural and the extra curl it gives your lashs is insane!” 

Have you got your 2 in 1 Liquid Concealer yet ?

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @dimi.christos from Australia uses shade Medium Light

dimi.christos -

"I’m not one to share my beauty secrets🤫 However, when I believe in a product like @bmcosmeticsformen 2-in-1 liquid concealer, it’s hard not to share it with you all."

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @lag360 from England uses shade Medium Light

@lag360 -

"Big thank you to Aussie friends @bmcosmeticsformen for making my 5 am eye bags disappear in 2 seconds. Sick! "Metrosexual" or not you gotta own one of these bad boys, if you like the #Sharp and clean look like I do Real men look after themselves."

BM Cosmetics For Men lover @alamwernik from USA uses shade Medium Light

@alamwernik - "Thanks @bmcosmeticsformen For dedicating cosmetic Products specifically for Men!! I really do LOVE this new 2-in-1 Liquid Concealer"

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