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Always be ready to #putyourbestfaceforward in any situation with @bmcosmeticsformen we've got you covered! 


"I am #loving this product!! I stumbled across @bmcosmeticsformen 2  in  1 Liquid Concealer and it is perfect for me. Early start to #work or heading out to town, this product keeps me looking fresh with a natural tone and complexion. The thing I like the most is that it is super light on your skin and feels like I'm not wearing anything!”

@crackerjack0_0 from Australia

 “I actually love these products! 

@bmcosmeticsformen shade Medium is perfect for my skin tone when I’m tanned and when I’m not, i just add a little bit of Matte Bronzer. It goes on your skin even, it’s lightweight and doesn’t look too cakey which is always my main concern!”  

@euandoidge from Australia

"I’m addicted to the Matte Bronzer by @bmcosmeticsformen ! Applies so evenly, I have combination skin and the Bronzer leaves my skin with a flawless matte glow. The mirror on the inside makes it ideal to apply anywhere, which is great because I’m always dashing about. CLASS A PRODUCT !"

@_ashleyreece from England

I recently purchased the @bmcosmeticsformen 2  in  1 Liquid Concealer/Tinted Moisturizer, I'v used it a few times now and it works great for those dark circles under the eyes! I tried a few in the past and so far this is the best one , thank you @bmcosmeticsformen

@mapapla from USA

"Tried some of this cheeky products from @bmcosmeticsformen 

honestly can say it’s keeping me on top of my game and looking fresh 👌 take my hat off to you guys!” 

@thorpie14 from England


Have you got your 2 in 1 Liquid Concealer yet ?

BM Cosmetics For Men Lover @dimi.christos From Australia

dimi.christos -

"I’m not one to share my beauty secrets🤫 However, when I believe in a product like @bmcosmeticsformen 2-in-1 liquid concealer, it’s hard not to share it with you all."

dimi.christos uses BM shade Medium Light 

BM Cosmetics For Men Lover @lag360 from England

@lag360 -

"Big thank you to Aussie friends @bmcosmeticsformen for making my 5 am eye bags disappear in 2 seconds. Sick! "Metrosexual" or not you gotta own one of these bad boys, if you like the #Sharp and clean look like I do Real men look after themselves."

@lag360 uses BM shade Medium 

BM Cosmetics For Men Lover @alamwernik from USA

@alamwernik - "Thanks @bmcosmeticsformen For dedicating cosmetic Products specifically for Men!! I really do LOVE this new 2-in-1 Liquid Concealer" 

@alamwernik uses BM shade Medium 

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