Anti-Aging BB Cream

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BM Cosmetics lover @natejames91 from USA


We all want to be able to put our best face forward, and our BM Cosmetics Anti-Aging Buildable Blurring Cream allows you to do just that!  This medium coverage Buildable Blurring Cream is part cosmetics, part skincare; This extremely lightweight Anti-Aging BB Cream is designed for everyday use to help promote skin firmness with collagen boosting agents and will help even out your skin tone thanks to our highest of quality ingredients. its new and improved unique buildable formula means you can use it as a light cover to help hide redness, blemishers and even out skin tone or add more till you have reached your desired level of coverage. It has added natural SPF protection to help reduce sun damage and prevent future cell degeneration. Loved by men from all over the world, for its lightweight feel and matte look!


Available in five different shades:



Medium Light




Application Directions

Apply a small amount of product to the back of your hand then using your finger tips or our BM Cosmetics For Men Concealer Application Sponge, apply directly to face. If you are seeking a heavier coverage look, simply add more product and blend into skin till you have reached your desired level of cover or you can set with either our Matte Bronzer, Mineral Pressed Cover, Studio Finish Matte Bronzer. Make sure to blend into dry skin areas well.


For a great natural every day look, apply a small amount of our BB Cream to face and blend. Insuring to blend into the neck also. Next apply our 2 in 1 Liquid Concealer or HD Concealer to under eye and nose area, plus any other areas you would like a little extra coverage look. Blend in with our Concealer Application Sponge. To finish the look, apply desired amount of our Matte Bronzer using the Powder Application Brush, all over the face and neck. This will help to blend everything together and even out your skin tone, while also giving you a nice healthy looking glow. Great for the man wanting a more dewy look, while looking extremely subtle and like you were just born with great skin!


BB Cream can be used by itself or use one of these setting options below

Setting with Matte Bronzer - designed to have very little coverage in it, but will help blend the BB Cream and your skin tone together as one, while giving you a healthier looking glow and matte flawless finish. Use all over face and neck.           - Most popular finish

Setting with Studio Finish Matte Bronzer - Gives you a heavier coverage look plus will help to blend your skin tone and BB Cream completely together as one, while adding more coverage at the same time. Leaves your skin with a over all flawless matte finish giving you a healthily looking all year round summer glow. use all over face and neck.

Setting with Mineral Pressed Cover - Will give you a much heavier coverage look and will give you more of a "Heavier Coverage dewy Look" matte finish. use all over face and neck.