Concealer Application Sponge

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Presenting the BM Cosmetics For Men Concealer Application Sponge. Our first ever reusable and washable Application Sponge made from a Non-Latex material. It effectively eliminates visible lines and streaks and is a perfect tool to use with our BM Cosmetics For Men Concealer range for a seamless airbrushed finish.  Expertly crafted by men for men, with an open-cell structure design the Application Sponge has a super-soft feel. When wet, the sponge uses the water as a barrier to allow the BM Cosmetics For Men Concealer to be applied to your skin rather than being absorbed in to the sponge. This means less wastage and your product will last longer. 
Application directions:
1) Submerge your Concealer Application Sponge under cold running water.
2) Then Squeeze your Concealer Application Sponge under water to make sure it’s evenly saturated, after Squeeze out excess water.
3) Place a little bit of BM Cosmetics For Men Concealer on to your Application Sponge. You can apply the product directly onto your Application Sponge, or you, may find it easy to place the product on the back of your hand first if it’s liquid.
4) Once the BM Cosmetics For Men Concealer is on your Application Sponge you can bounce it on to your skin to create a well-blended airbrushed looked. DO NOT rub product onto your skin.
5) When finished, rinse your Concealer Application Sponge under cold water & squeeze the excess water out. Simply leave it out to air dry until you need to use it again.