Matte Bronzer

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  @bmcosmeticsformen Matte Bronzer range lover @noslen_ from Spain 
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We all know that lying in the sun all-day and exposing your skin to the harsh outdoor elements is not the safest way to achieve that golden-bronzed tan we all desire, so BM Cosmetics For Men has designed our Matte Bronzer range specifically formulated for mens skin that is the answer for that all year round golden glow. This lightweight Matte Bronzer range, is easy to apply and it’s unique formulation has been design to allow all our shades to match all skin tones.  Suitable for use on the face and body for that subtle healthy glow, our Bronzers are also TALC free and will last all day without the need to reapply. 
Application Directions
Apply to the higher points of your face to highlight prominent areas or use as an all over face bronzer. Use as much as you need to achieve the perfect glow that best suits you skin tone.