Mooi Face & Body Mineral Matte Bronzer

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The ultra luxurious Mooi Face & Body Mineral Bronzer is designed to instantly melt into the skin while blending into your skin tone easily, with minimal effort need to give you a healthy looking matte glow! Keep that Aussie summer tan all year round, smooth out skin texture and even out skin tone with our light weight Mooi Face & Body Mineral Bronzer. Design by Founder Beau Mooi and our team of top male cosmetic chemists, you will love it as much as we loved creating it. The multi tasking Mooi Face & Body Mineral bronzer has antioxidants, minerals, anti-aging benefits and a lightweight natural matte finish keeping you looking like an Aussie God all year no matter where you are!

Application Directions:

Apply Mooi Face & Body Mineral Bronzer all over face, neck and body in a circular motion till you have reached your desired shade. Can also use Weightless Matte Mineral Pressed Cover before applying Mooi Face & Body Mineral Bronzer for more of a flawless airbrushed look