Night Lush & Long Eye Lash Growth Treatment

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 @clarkecamilleri from Australia - “I Am Obsessed with this Eye Lash Growth Treatment!! It started working so fast and my lashes have never looked better!!"


 @tyson.farnham from Australia - "I've never seen my eye lashes look healthier, fuller and feel stronger. This Lush & Long Growth Treatment is truly liquid magic in a bottle!"


 @calvinbarkerr from Australia- “@bmcosmeticsformen Lush & Long Eye Lash Growth Treatment is the perfect lash growth treatment I have been searching for. My lashes never honestly felt this rejuvenated and full I can’t live without it now!”


 @thewetotter from Australia- "I got onto this Lush & Long Treatment from a friend, I've been using it for a couple of months now and it has changed my eye lashes for sure. they feel so hydrated plus longer then ever before!"

The scientifically formulated new and improved BM Cosmetics For Men Night Lush & Long Eye Lash Treatment will help grow, thicken, strengthen and hydrate your lashes! This Australian made lash growth treatment is designed to work with your bodies natural rejuvenation process while you sleep and stimulate your hair follicle to promote fuller and thicker growth! With added Arginine, Aloe Vera Juice and Biotin our Night Lush and Long Eye Lash Treatment will strengthen your lashes from the root to prevent fall out and breakage while the infusion of Vitamin B5 in our formula will help rebuild your individual lash hair shafts. It will have you waking up with the most beautiful lashes that are nourished and frame your eyes for a subtle but impactful look! Excluding any harmful plastics or sealants, The Night Lush & Long Eye Lash Eye Lash Treatment is even suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact wearers.
Application Directions
Apply to lashes at night and before going to bed, as you would apply mascara. For best results apply a few times throughout the night before you sleep.

@max_eo from France - "being a beauty influencer I have tried a lot of different eye lash growth treatments and for me, this one works the best! I get so many compliments on my eye lashes now!"
@rybread from Australia - “Who doesn’t love natural healthy long eyelashes? Thanks to @bmcosmeticsformen for making their great Night Lush & Long Eye Lash Growth treatment. It keeps my eyelashes in top shape whilst I get a good nights sleep.”